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PasarWalk is an online street markets and stalls platform. It makes people life easier and accessible to street markets and stalls anytime anywhere. We offer a better solution to connecting people in the street markets and stalls by using the mobile app and web technology. It also allows stall owners to sell their items online so they can make more sales. Visitors don’t need to go there to find and purchase items anymore.

Are you fed-up waking up early in mornings and go to Pasar Pagi or you don’t want to do late night shopping in the Pasar Malam? Do you not want to lug your heavy groceries around all the time in the Bazaar?

Good news is you don’t have to! All you need is to have “PasarWalk” installed on your device. No need to go to the Souq/Bazaar or marketplace to buy or sell your stuff anymore! Download “PasarWalk” and enjoy a fantastic experience of fast and easy shopping at the comforts of your own home!

How Its Work


Choose any nearby street market from your selected location or current location.


Start to browse different types of items posted by the stall owners.


Its easier to contact the stall owners everywhere when you are interested in purchasing their items.



Customers can now be connecting with stall owners in the street market or stall to contact later.


Access the location of the street market and stalls, so you don’t need to find it one by one.


Periodically get the latest news feed and update about the street market.

Find & Sell

Visitors can find items online and stall owners able to sell your item anytime anywhere to reach more customers.


There is an app for everything nowadays and so is for the shopping! It is becoming a game changer, by making it easy to buy and sell your stuff online.
Why you should use PasarWalk:

Increase Revenue

Help seller to improve income or earnings every month.


Enable you to view product everywhere and contact seller instantly. You don’t need to worry about parking!

Save Time

It helps you to save tons of time by finding products in the street market.

Free to use our App

Download today and get full access to PasarWalk, you can either sell and buy the items in this platform.

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